STRENGTH INSIDE – releasing human potential

We offer coach programs with a result guarantee for all clients. We are situated in Malmo, Sweden and works a lot with international clients. Our programs are designed to work over video (web) or telephone.

Martin Järnland

Martin Järnland

Master Transformative Coach and author.

I am a certified international coach. I have a master degree at Supercoach Academy in Los Angeles where I also have been in the faculty for 3 years. It is no doubt that personal development inspires me. I have worked in both business and organization environments for over 25 years before I started this new path in life 10 years ago – to inspire and develop other people has been my mission all the time.

Clients the last 10 years have been almost everyone and everything I guess. Male or female, successfull or unsuccessfull, athletes, house wifes, teenagers, severly diagnosed people and top management persons. Every single one of them has come to me with a different “life or circumstance”. No one looks the same, maybe on the surafce, but not in the core. For me it is obvious – every single person – every single human being has his or her own path in life. It means that every single person also have his or her own way to navigate – to handle and cope with life.

When we should find our own way and be able to navigate freely i life, with both love and power it is very good to know how “life works”. What are the fundamentals in life, how does the human mind work? That is what we are going to explore – and that is going to release your potential.