Our model is in full harmony with “Inner Development goals” – the new global standard

All coaching is grounded in our medel what we call INSIDE OUT. For you it means that we reflect togheter at the human nature and our innate abilities. Abilities that are way more powerful than we as human beings can understand. We look at constants, things that are 100% true without exceptions. When we see and realize this constants we can easily double or triple our potential and and we see how we navigate freely in a life that sometimes can be challanging.

I see myself more as guide than a coach. For me that means that my expertize is to guide the client to his or her own expertize and wisdom. I truly don’t belive in giving advice and telling others what to do in life. Every singel person has his or her own way in life.

 We use this simple model as a gruond in our conversation. After years of trainings, reading science and looking at almost all models I can clearly see this simple constant. Our STATE OF MIND creates all our BEHAVIOURS. BEHAVIOURS that create all our RESULTS – every single time – it is a constant! Just by understanding this simple fact will open doors for you. We should not learn ways to behave better, or only focus on results. We should look at the ground for everything – our STATE OF MIND! When we see how our state of Mind work we navigate better and the RESULTS and BEHAVIOURS that we want comes automatically. 

All human beings get a good result in a good state of Mind – when they are in their wellbeing!


We live in a natural misunderstanding. We think that people, circumstances and occasions can give us feelings and it certainly looks that way. But it cannot work that way, it is actually not possible! Can a workplace stress you? It looks that way, we can all agree on that – but can a workplace give us feelings? Can traffic jam give us feeling? No! It is not possible – it is our own thinking that gives us all the feelings – it can simply not work in another way. We live in a “false paradigm” that gives us numerous of negative efects. When we see and reprogram us to how it actually works, when we have a true logic as a ground in our thinking we start to navigate freely in life. Life is created from the INSIDE and OUT – not the other way around.

When we have this realization the world and new doors will open up for us. We are directely coming in contact with ourselves and our INNATE WELLBEING. A wellbeing that we sometimes have felt, but not on regulary basis. Imagine that your innate wellbeing is a friend that you can trust and are in contact with on a daily base. I think you can figure out what that will do for your STATE OF MIND – the root to all your BEHAVIOURS and in the end – all RESULTS in your life – in all areas!


  • Less stress, if you stress at all
  • Less worrying, if you worry at all
  • You could be 50% more productive
  • You stop being a victim in certain situations
  • You find yourself and your self-esteem
  • Your gut feeling and intiution is coming back
  • You take desicions faster – and better
  • You navigate calm in challanging situations
  • Your realtions is getting better
  • You create rapport and synergy with others
  • You get back your creativity
  • You get back your inspiration
  • Your natural wellbeing is there on a daily base
  • You feel hope
  • You feel like a free human being again

I fully understand that this sounds to good to be true.
The truth is – the list only points to our natural and innate abilities – no one is excluded!

What would it mean to you personally if you just got 3-5 these implications?