A Coaching – guiding that goes deep in how the universal human mind works. You will get exercises that are unique and personalized for you. You can book 3 or 5 sessions but I recomend the full programs. It is a reprograming that can take some time to do, take a look at INSIDE-OUT to learn more.

We always start with a session, 30-45 mins where we see if we have rapport and chemistry. This session is free.

The programs contains a “result guarantee”. We should reach the finish line and the vision we put up at the first session. If not, you will get your money back! Since I started with this guarantee 2015 it has never happened – these program works!

These two coaching program have the same ground but have different visions and goals. It is a fact that we will discuss all mentioned topics underneith. So when you read about the two programs, imagine a mix of them. The names of the program are are to point out a direction that suits you – what direction you want to take yourself. 


A program for you who want to take your life one step further. Maybe you are well organized already but want to take another leap. In this program we will take a close look at our inner source of strength – inspiration and creativity. We will investigate the human potential – a potential that are so big it is hard to grip for us.


For you with a story or a reality of stress – worry – anxiety – addiction – burnout – depression and alike. This program focus on bringing life back as it was meant to be. To be a free human being with the full potential to navigate in life – to take the challanges with ease and wisdom. All clients in this program have seen remarkable effects.


We start with a conversation where we see if it is a match – if we like eachother, this session is free. After that we take the decision if we shall continue or not. We create a vision together that we are heading to towards the program. The two most popular way to create the program is:

  • A two-day intensive with 6 phone or video calls afterwards.
  • 12 sessions on telephone or video*

* Most of my international clients chose this way to work. I have succesfully worked this way togheter with clints
since 2014 and it works as good as meeting in person.